JUICE REVIEW: want2vape

In this review I take a look at 10 e-liquids from want2vape.com! Want2Vape(W2V) is a company based out of Flordia and is owned by Donley & Carol Wilson. They use a proprietary tobacco extraction to get some top notch tobacco flavors and mix in an off site mixing facility. In the review I discuss a wide range of eliquids they offer including: Morely, EcoBerry, Mystic menthol, The blond, Etc. All I can say is Want2Vape’s eliquids are really good tobaccos. Very pure and robust without giving an odd taste. Its seems to me they have mastered the tobacco vape! Check out the video above and make sure you give me a thumbs up and pass it along to all your friends!


JUICE REVIEW: want2vape Signature Blends


JUICE REVIEW: want2vape Smoky Clove

Vapenstein It's Alive! AwardWhen I was 18 or 19 I discovered clove cigarettes. I lived in a state with 3.2% beer, so there were clubs for the 18-21 crowd. I used to be able to find the source of kretek smoke no matter how crowded or dark the bar. I loved Jakarta brand kreteks so much, one week I went out and bought a 10 pack carton of them, switching completely to kreteks. I didn't possess any knowledge of how hard clove oil was on your respiratory tract. At the end of 5 days I was coughing up blood, and there was once again a pack of Marlboro Reds in my pocket and the kreteks were reserved for club hopping.

There are plenty of kretek juices in the vaping world, but they all miss the mark. A kretek is much more complex than simply hosing tobacco down with clove. I believe Djarum advertises their Black brand as having 27 separate components, and that complexity is nearly impossible to duplicate. Most vendors squirt some clove flavoring in with their tobacco base and call it good. These juices club you over the head with clove, and they might remind you of a kretek, but none of them really are. These are blatant, obvious juices with personalities as thin as a sheet of paper.

want2vape Smoky Clove takes a different angle. This is clove tobacco, no pretense at being a kretek. I love clove, but it's a dangerous element that easily overwhelms its companions. If this juice promises a tobacco vape where the tobacco and clove live in harmony, well, I think that sounds like a great idea.

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JUICE REVIEW: want2vape RY4 vs want2vape Rock Star

Today I am doing a review-comparison between want2vape RY4 and want2vape Rock Star, which is want2vape's own twist on the RY4 genre. These two weren't really on my radar, but after vaping Rock Star this weekend I wanted to take it to The Lab.

I will be vaping these 18mg 70PG/30VG juices at 3.7v on my Bombshell with a Cisco 1.5 ohm atty. Previously want2vape juice had a predominantly VG ratio. In the interest of performance and atty life Donley has switched the entire line to 70PG/30VG. This is my personal preference, as I like the throat hit this provides and it produces much cleaner burning juice. For those of you who prefer a different ratio, want2vape does offer most of their juices as flavoring concentrates that can be mixed at 20% strength in your base liquid.

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Vapenstein It's Alive! Awardwant2vape has impressed with their in-house natural tobacco extracts. They have a new website coming soon, so look for some new product when it arrives. I have another one of their pre-production juices today, want2vape Blondie.

Modeled after ACID Blondie cigars, this one promises an interesting vape. Hand rolled at their Nicaraguan estate, ACID cigars are infused with over 140 botanicals, mostly essential oils from flowers and herbs. Don't call them flavored cigars. These are infused cigars made with superior tobacco. I expect the emphasis to be on Cuban leaf, with subtle shadings provided by the infusion. I am intrigued, to say the least. This is an interesting cigar vape, and just one more reason why want2vape is right at the top of my vendors to keep an eye on list in 2011.

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JUICE REVIEW: want2vape 555.5

State Express, the analog that launched a thousand 555s. I never smoked one of these, but the juices are unavoidable. Typically I have not been a fan. The coupling of tobacco with a bungled nut element is not particularly attractive to me, but there have been a couple of exceptions that I thought were very well done. These cigarettes have a nut element to them? I think I would have been a little freaked out as a smoker to light up a smoke and taste nut, but apparently it's a very popular brand in Europe and Asia. We can thank State Express for the weird nut element in so many tobacco vapes I guess.

This is another pre-release juice from want2vape. When and if this shows up on their web site for purchase, it may or may not be the same formula that I am vaping today.

So far want2vape has impressed me with a couple of original tobacco extracts that I thought were quite good. If any of you reading this think that you can soak a little tobacco in PG and end up with an extract that will make a good tobacco base, well, you're mistaken. It takes a little craft to come up with a good extract, and I have a great deal of respect for vendors who pull it off. Based on Red Pirate and Alcazar I expect great things from want2vape. Look for a web site redesign and lots of new product from them sometime in the near future.

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In my search for the perfect cigar vape I was ultimately lucky enough to find want2vape, practically hidden out there on the web. More on that later, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

You know how I feel about tobacco. You know how I feel about tobacco juice. I do not want to vape some flavoring squirted into a PG blend. I wouldn't have established this site if that was enough for me.

I am drawn to vendors who make quality tobacco juice. If they make their own tobacco extracts, so much the better. This is an artisanal product. Don't let anyone tell you there is no such thing as premium juice. There is. You can taste the difference in every vape with the good stuff.

It was with growing pleasure that I dove into my recent order from want2vape. This order exceeded my expectations, and the only beef I have is that they need to offer more tobacco flavors, but that is coming.

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At least in the beginning, every vaper seeks something that closely approximates the flavor and hit of what they smoked. I admit it, there are liquids I like just because of how they hit. That wave of nicotine relief that washes over me when I take a toot (hehe, oops sorry Nick I infringed on your trademark!) is one of the reasons I vape the same juice every day when I wake up, and also the same reason that another juice is the staple of my PV case.

I like analog impact, so I usually give analog replacement juices a shot. Mrs. Doctor Vapenstein vapes them almost exclusively, eschewing the more exotic tobacco flavors and dessert vapes.

Registering an entrant in the Analog Replacement Sweepstakes today is want2vape, a vendor who surprised me recently with their excellent Red Pirate. That one and another juice of theirs (that absolutely blew my mind and has a review pending) utilize their own house made tobacco extracts. Sold. That's all it took to win my heart. You can taste the love and skill in juice like that, and many Vapenstein It's Alive! Award winners follow that pattern.

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Let us review: Dr. Vapenstein loves tobacco. Dr. Vapenstein especially loves cigar and pipe vapes. Dr. Vapenstein craves monster throat hit and deep, rich tobacco flavor. Test on Thursday.

Today my quest for the perfect cigar vape has taken me to Florida, where want2vape makes their own natural tobacco extract from Alcazar cigars. I am interested in trying every hand made tobacco juice I can find. They are generally much more compelling, if at times on the subtle end of the flavor spectrum.

Cigar is my evening vape. Dim the lights, put on some music or load a movie and sit back, unwind, and enjoy the pleasures of Castle Vapenstein. It's my treat to me at the end of the day. It's the man version of a hot bath and a glass of good wine.

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